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Next Home Loans, LLC

Established in 2019, Next Home Loans, LLC is an independent mortgage firm that offers services to consumers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.  Locally owned and operated in Charlotte, North Carolina, Next Home Loans is excited to be the smart choice for consumers looking for consultation on all mortgage products available as well as industry low interest rates and fees. There really is no doubt that the Independent Mortgage Broker has their customers best interest at heart and can deliver the best loan terms to their clients.

Retail mortgage lenders and large banks have invested a lot of time and money to be able to influence the consumers mortgage decisions with expensive advertising and gimmicks, thus leading the consumer into a mortgage that is almost always over-priced and often times not the best fit for their actual needs. This clearly does not align with what is best for the consumer and one of the key reasons Next Home Loans, LLC was founded by its President Jason Andrews.

“I have always had a passion to educate the consumer on their mortgage options while taking an in depth look at their overall financial goals. I’ve spent countless hours educating the consumer on a variety of topics and I am always surprised with how much confusion and fear still exists towards our industry. As a homeowner is considering purchasing a home or refinancing, they are bombarded with a sea of terms, mis-information, and countless mortgage products that they may or may not qualify for. Next Home Loans is going to make a difference through education. We are here to throw them a life vest in a sea of misinformation and do all we can to change the perception of mortgage lending.” – Jason Andrews

At Next Home Loans, LLC, we do not have salespeople, we have mortgage professionals that take pride in educating the client from the beginning of the process until the loan is carefully completed. As a company, we embrace the journey we take with our client and do all we can to make sure they feel empowered to make the best decisions for their financial future. There are no sales scripts, no call reports, no sales meetings, and no pressure to our customer. We think the consumer will appreciate our approach to their mortgage and satisfaction because at Next Home Loans they are not just another number on a conference room sales board.

Low over-head, effective systems, consumer education, and professional consultants putting the consumer first. This is how we think Next Home Loans will become your Next mortgage provider.  We look forward to working with you!

Thank you,

Jason Andrews

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